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Meal information

Local ingredients nurtured in abundant nature

Wild plants and river fish harvested in the neighborhood, vegetables and flower beans grown by hand salt, miso, etc.
  • Cherish seasonal things

    In spring, wild plants such as tara sprouts, butterbur sprouts, bracken and bamboo shoots.
    In summer, Iriyama Thick Cucumber and wide beans that can only be tasted with this 1080 ml.
    In autumn, mushrooms, flower beans, and buckwheat nuts.
    In winter, Hoshigaoka Sanso (heated by the heat of the hot spring).
  • Dinner

    We cook with all our heart, local products and seasonal ingredients grown in abundant nature.
    Supper is available from 9 to 10 dishes.
    • An example of dinner

      First-come-first-served basis

      Jelly of summer vegetables


      Corn rice


      Gin Hikari Carpaccio


      Seasonal items



      Steamed food

      Chawan-mushi (steamed egg hotchpotch)

      Warm food

      Cold bowl

      Grilled Dish



      Joshu beef


      Kakitama soup


      Green tea pudding
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is also full of vegetables, with 9 to 10 dishes available.
    I wish you a wonderful day.
  • Dining

    Both dinner and breakfast will be served at the "Restaurant (chair table)".
    If you would like an early breakfast, please contact us.

    【Dinner】From 18:00/From 18:30
    【Breakfast】From 8:00/From 8:30